Oooweeooo is a Toronto-based independent game design firm that produces titles for mobile platforms.  Oooweeooo was founded as a partnership in May 2008, and incorporated in July 2013.

Our vision has always been to create the kind of games that we want to play – and as we age out of the “hardcore” gaming audience, our perspective on what this has meant for the type, style and accessibility of gameplay has evolved. We used to game all day and into the night, but our lives have changed so that we can no longer commit the same time or money to games that they did in the past.

We believe that there is a gap in the current market.  While there are many mobile games that effectively cater to either a casual or a hardcore gaming audience, there are few that effectively bridge this gap to provide a gaming experience with both depth and accessibility.  Even more difficult is finding a mobile game that provides a challenging experience for a skilled gamer while still remaining enjoyable to a less-experienced player, such as a friend, significant other, or young child.  As gamers age, have families, and focus on our careers, we believe that gaming experiences that can be shared with friends and loved ones will become more important – as they have in our own lives.

Our team

Greg Smyth
Game Designer & Developer

Mike Kent
Game Designer & Developer

Geoff Scott

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Don’t Fall in the Hole

In this competitive, turn-based tablet game for up to four players, you use explosions and power-ups to force your opponents to tumble from platforms or fall into holes. Teleport or use the grappling hook to pull yourself from the edge. Only catch? With no propulsion, it’ll take good aim and quick thinking to earn your victory.


This is a long and complicated story. Don’t Fall in the Hole started originally as a competitive multiplayer game where up to four players used their iPhone/iPod’s to control an 18th century sailing vessel to destroy each other on a single iPad.

That transitioned into that same game running on the PC with online multiplayer capabilities. Then we added capture the flag, treasure battle, and finally soccer. By then, the 18th century ships had become gunboats with a single large turret.

While facing a crisis of vision, we threw together a prototype racing game using many of the parts of the previous games. And in that prototype, Don’t Fall in the Hole was born. Playing this new version with friends and family, we realized what we had created and so we refined and polished it until it is the game it is today.


  • 5 power-ups, including magnet, teleport, and bowling ball
  • 6 dynamic maps with varied levels of difficulty
  • Wide range of character choices, including alien, ninja, superhero, teddy bear, and more
  • Multiplayer tournament-style gameplay and rankings
  • Accessible to kids and family audiences while challenging more advanced players


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